Gold Root is a powerful healing root with antiseptic, numbing properties, especially useful for ear, nose and throat health.



This temperamental plant only grows in specific parts of central Mexico. As people have tried to cultivate it elsewhere, it lost significant amounts of potency and in some cases failed altogether. Gold Root, much like wine, likes a semi-arid climate with good drainage and cool winds that bring in fog and morning dew.

First used by indigenous people in the Sierra Gorda mountains of Mexico, they harvested the root to put into food as a spicy element, which additionally helped with stomach pain and indigestion. Growing wild among oak and pine, and later cultivated with fruit trees to hold the soil in place and prevent erosion, the indigenous people went on to learn of its many medicinal properties. 


Know your provider! Not all Gold Root products are created equally.

Due to the long growing time of the plant and relatively small yield of the root itself many growers harvest early, significantly reducing the potency and causing an unpleasant foam in their products (a sign that the plant is immature). Another trick is to put the entire plant into their products instead of just the root (as their products claim). By putting in the whole plant, producers triple their yield but reduce potency/purity by 2/3s. Additionally, tap water rather than purified water may be used, and some subject their plants to chemical fertilizers and products.

Don Santiago, pictured above, he has never used chemicals on any part of his property and makes his own organic fertilizer for the chilcuague plant.


Gold Root

Scientific name:
Heliopsis Longipes
Growing Region: Central Mexico - Guanajuato, Queretaro, Potosi
Harvest – Year-round harvest, though it's ideal to plant after the last freeze and requires 2.5-3 years of maturity. Planting during the waning moon creates the greatest yield.
Description – brown pithy root, yellow sunflower like blooms on the plant
Length – typically between 5-7 inches long


Nasal Congestion
Sore Throat
Sinus Infection
Seasonal Allergies
Bad Breath
Boost Immune System
Stomach Pain
Insect Repellant

Methods of Consumption

Chew the Root
Nose Spray
Throat Spray
Infused in Liquor
Cooked in Food